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Escape Planning - Is your family prepared in the event of a home fire?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Follow these tips to help prepare your family in the event of a home fire:

How to make your own Escape Plan:

  1. Draw a map of your home.

  2. Show all doors and windows.

  3. Visit each room. Find two ways out.

  4. All windows and doors should open easily. You should be able to use them to get outside. Make sure your home has smoke alarms. Push the test button to make sure each alarm is working.

  5. Pick a meeting place outside. It should be in front of your home. Everyone will meet at the meeting place.

  6. Make sure your house or building number can be seen from the street.

  7. Talk about your plan with everyone in your home.

  8. Learn the emergency phone number for your fire department.

  9. Practice your home fire drill!

  10. Make your own home fire escape plan (see example below)


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