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  • Goodwill Fire Company #1

2023 Officers

The members of Goodwill Fire Company would like to congratulate the 2023 officers!

The officers and members look forward to serving the residents of Darby Township. Thank you for your continued support of your local volunteer fire company.

Fire Chief: Paul Graf

Deputy Fire Chief: Tim Eichelman Sr.

Assistant Fire Chief: Ray Gallo

Chief Engineer: Ed McBride

Assistant Engineer: Dan Assal

Fire Police Lieutenant: John Medycki

Fire Police Captain: Brett Stairiker

President: Ed McBride

Vice President: Tim Eichelman Sr.

Treasurer: Christine Eichelman

Recording Secretary: Tina Menginie

Board of Directors:

Paul Graf

Tim Eichelman Sr.

Ed McBride

Christine Eichelman

Tina Menginie

Brett Stairiker

Dan Assal

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