Goodwill Fire Company #1 of Darby Township. Delaware County was organized and chartered February 20, 1920, to maintain and support a fire engine, hook and ladder and a hose company for the control of fire and for the general improvement of the fire service of the Township of Darby.

Names of the original subscribers were: C.H.Morgan, Norman Benson, James Thomas, Issac Miller, Howard Lee, Emanuel Mitchell, Joseph Allen, William Green, Andrew Johnson, Andrew Farley and Alfonso Carle.

Officers were: William Williams, Charles Wandley, George Proctor, Joseph D. Williams and Thomas V. Studevan.

Chartered in 1920. Witnessed by: Harry Miller, Christopher Lockley, Charles Wandley, Henry N. Grobes and Alfonso Carle.

The original station was located at 607 Oak Lane in the Okeola section of Darby Township.

The first fire Chief was William Ult.

The first fire truck was a 1920 Model T Ford, the second was a 1941 Diamond T. The third truck acquired was a 1953 G.M.C. General, which was an old civil defense truck.

In 1972 an addition was added, and extensive renovations were done to the fire house, under the leadership of Chief Preston Grobes and President Mickey Nattelo. At that time a used van was purchased by the fire company for the purpose of carrying fire equipment, the cascade system and firefighters.

1974 brought a brand-new Ford pumper to Goodwill. In 1974 the General Fire Truck was repainted from red to white to match the new Ford Pumper and the van and to distinguish us from the other fire companies’ equipment.

In 1979 a new Hamerly Custom Pumper was purchased. In 1989 a Ford F-350 Mini Pumper was purchased.

In November 1995 Goodwill sold their fire house at 607 Oak and broke ground on a lot located at Cooke Avenue and Hopkins Avenue.

In 1998 a new Ferrara Custom Pumper was purchased and on October 3, 1998, we housed the Ferrara Pumper and dedicated our new station located at 719 Cooke Avenue.

In 2005 Goodwill acquired Folcroft's Tele-Squirt and on May 20, 2005, we answered our first call with it.